Target groups:Beauty lady

Clothing features: Relaxed, refined, understated, sensual. Drape against structure.

How would you describe your ideal client : Confident, open to new ideas but still with their own sense of style.

Our mission:The story and vision for the brand was simple. Fashion-led women clothes collections designed for spirited and style conscious women .

From the beginning the collections have been said to be 'a winning combination of the laidback and the edgy'. The backbone of each collection remains a unique range of ‘luxury basics’  with an overlay of more special pieces.

Favouring a relaxed style, Kessers has from the very beginning alway sort out and favoured pure, ethically produced fabrics and yarns. We also also like to give fabrics and pieces 'second lives ' often through cold dyeing and recycling. We hate 'fast fashion'. Each collection morphs from the last , an ongoing but continuous story.

Clean, strong silhouettes are always intentionally quite sexy,  providing an overall aesthetic that has gained the brand a loyal customer base.